Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where have I been? Here there and everywhere

These last three weeks have been pretty busy and the blog has taken a backseat to life...A little glimpse of the last three weeks...

  • Taking care of my girls (who have had colds for 10 days)
  • Working
  • Planning a baby shower for Rebekah - coordinating food, making center pieces (thanks for your help Laura) etc.
  • Attending/having family events - The weekends have been full of family fun
  • Nursing a cold/sinus thing of my own
  • Having play dates
  • Going to story time at the Library
  • A trip to the apple orchard with family and friends
  • Taking care of my niece and friends baby on Thursday's
  • Having a dinner out with friends
  • sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping...I cannot tell you how many time I have been in bed before 9:00 leaving my poor husband alone all evening. One or both of the girls have been up through the night every night but 2 over the past few weeks. Colds, congestion, and a really bad diaper rash (Eva) have been the culprit. I have had the girls in our bed, Rocking Eva, and sleeping in Melia's bed more times recently than I would like to count...but all is well now. The girls are healthy, and I am felling much better myself.
  • I am sure there is more, but those are the highlights
A glimpse into my day today...It's a whole lot of FUN!!! I love it.
7:30 - Sydney arrives
8:00- my girls wake up
8:0012:00- playtime and naps for eva and syd
11:30 feed my 7 month old neice cereal, fruit, and a bottle.
12:00- feed my girls lunch and try to get myself fed in between
12:10 - my girlfriends little one Elizabeth arrives (11 months)
12:15- Melia decides it's time to potty train and strips down to bare but to sit on the potty in the kitchen during lunch. (quite a sight) although she did have success. Over the next two hours she did pee int he potty twice and poop once. She ended her time in underwear by peeing on the laundry room floor, but overall I call that a successful potty time.
12:40 - Eva is out of the high chair and Elizabeth is in...her turn to eat.
1:10 - Syd, Melia, and Eva play while I give Elizabeth her bottle
1:30- Clean up every toy in the living room before nap time
1:45- wipes three out of four noses which are dripping down their faces
1:55 - Melia, Eva, and Sydney in bed for a nap and Elizabeth plays on the floor while I update the world on my life :)
2:20- off to put the house back together before they all get up from their naps

Hope you enjoy your day as much as I do. I love love love taking care of the all these girls.


Rebekah said...

I think you need to add a boy into that mix!

Laura said...

That's a potty success in my book as well! Ecspecially the part about pooping...Maddy still hasn't mastered that trick! It's either in her diaper, or, if permitted to run around without one, on the floor. *Sigh*! I'm going to have Melia talk to her ;)

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