Thursday, May 27, 2010

Randomness **Updated

This week it has felt like summer, and I couldn't love it more. It has given me a little taste of what is to come in just three weeks when school is out...can't wait. The girls braved the pool again this week, and I even got in with them today. With all this heat, the water is warming up quick. They are loving pool time. I don't think our pool has ever been open this early in May, (usually it's a Memorial Day project) but, I sure am glad it is. We opened it early to give us some extra time to get it ready for Parker's b-day party next week. Speaking of that, Can you believe that in a week, he will be 1 year old. Crazy!!! He is turning into a little boy right before my eyes. So many changes are taking place these days.
Parker has only splashed his feet in the pool, as he has been napping when we swim. This day he was in the shade in his excersaucer. Look at those red cheeks.


Parker went in the pool tonight with his daddy, sisters, and neighbor boy. He loved every second of it. He tried to jump right out of Chris's arms to try and swim.


On Tuesday, I braved the bike trail with all three kids. Eva and Parker were in the trailer and Melia was in a bike seat. They did AWESOME. I biked 9 miles in just under an hour. It felt great to get out and exercise, and do it with the kids. I went out again today, Eva was in the bike seat and Melia and Parker were in the trailer. Parker has taken his morning nap during the ride both days. Carting 105 pounds (between kids and trailer) is no easy task, but it is great training.


The end of the school year is always a busy time. This year is no different. I am counting down the days. We are moving to a new building next year, so that means packing my classroom on top of everything else. At least, I'll be organized in the fall right!!! With all this nice weather, getting my school work done in the evenings is more of a chore.


We finally got our plants in the ground this week. Instead of buying pots (which were pricier than I thought), we decided to make a box garden. Chris spent Monday night engineering an incredible garden. It is surrounded with chicken wire to keep the animals out. We have a lot of deer and bunnies in our yards.

He even made a door at the end so we could get in and out, when we are ready to reap our harvest. We planted green beans, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, zucchini, onion, and peppers. We started some in the house a month ago. We had three bean plants that looked great, but one of them did not make the transition very well. I guess we just wait and see what happens. Chris made watering really easy for me. He hooked up a hose on the deck, so I just have to walk out the back door, turn the nozzel on, lean over the deck and water. It takes less than a min. I love it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little bit about a lot

Adventures from this week...

We opened the pool this week. It was pretty dirty and green, but is quickly on it's way to sparkling blue, just in time for summer like weather. The girls splashed their feet in the frigid water today!!!

This week I was able to get Parker's b-day crown and shirt for his big day done. I have been looking at felt crowns on Etsy, ebay, etc. for the last couple months. I found a pattern and for about 1.50 in felt created his shirt and crown. I love the way it turned out and it was simple and fun to make. Melia is requesting one for her dress-up box now :) Here's a sneak preview.

(its a little blurry, but it was taken with my phone)

Restoring hope

This week at the park, on two occasions, Melia had a great time meeting and playing with new friends. Yesterday, a mom went up to her and introduced her daughter to Melia. I went and told the mom how thankful I was that she done that, and shared a little of the story from last week. The dad recognized me from dropping M off at school, his daughter is in the class next door to M's. They also live on the street behind our neighbors (across the street from us). A quick walk through a backyard and the girls can play together again. We had great conversation, exchanged numbers, and made a new friend. Melia could not have been more excited.


We've been out biking a few times in the last couple weeks, as we are already thinking of the big race coming in November!! Last night turned into quite the adventure. We decided to try a new tactic. We would put the kids in their jammies and go out around 7:30. They could enjoy the ride and then hopefully fall asleep on the way and we could get a nice ride in. We're two miles from home, when E and P start drifting off to sleep and then we spot this in the middle of the trail...

Chris, the cat lover, jumps off his bike to find five baby kittens, nestled in the weeds just off the trail. He pick one up, and this little, (about 5-6 week old kitten) chomps down on his finger. It is spitting, hissing, and meowing in protest. He puts it down and grabs the above kitten. After a few mins, he calms down. We call some friends of ours to help come and rescue them. In the meantime, the other four kittens have scattered. We take the kids out of the trailer (in their jammies mind you) and put the kitty in to keep it from darting away. It is now getting dark, the kids are running and crawling around the trail in their jammies, and we can't find any of the other kittens. Our friend comes and takes the kitty home and on our way back, home stop to see the kitty one last time. By this time, Melia has named it Abigail and can't believe it is not coming home with us. It is now close to 10, none of the kids are sleeping, and our 13 mile ride has taken way longer than planned...but we made a memory and rescued a kitty.


Today was M's last day of preschool. It is so hard to believe that this time next year she will be getting ready for kindergarten. Our baby girl is growing up.

So there it is...a little info about a lot of things. Off to enjoy the rest of the day outside with the kids.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rejection or Love

Visualize this...

We pull into a parking lot full of minivans and SUV's at our local playground, Melia exclaims, "there are lots of kids here!". She was correct, kids were on every swing and every part of the play structure. We walk down the path and she runs off ahead to join in the flurry of fun. Off to the side sit 5 moms with strollers, chairs, coolers, water bottles, diaper bags, lunch bags...get the picture...they were camped out and going to be there a while. Between the 5 moms, there were, yes count them, 15 kids. Being the middle of the afternoon they all had to be 6 (kindergarten age) and under, since school was in session. The youngest looked to be about 18 months and the boy:girl ratio was pretty even.

Eva runs to the swings (something she screamed in terror from just a few short weeks ago) which she now loves. Parker is just chillin by the slide and Melia makes her first attempt to make new friends.

With a frown across her face, head bowed, and shoulders slumped, she walked over to me and said, "mommy, they won't play with me." Her first attempt was with a group of boys, so I said why don't you go ask those girls if you can play them. With a new found confidence, off she went. She is out of earshot, but I see her say something to the them. The girls promptly put there arms around each others shoulders and form a circle excluding Melia. My heart was breaking for her. Again she walks over to me defeated. She plays on her own for a few minutes and then decides she will give it another attempt. She asks another little girl to play, who is playing alone, and again is turned down. This time it was probably due to shyness on the part of the little girl. - the whole time we were there this little one carried her baby and sucked her thumb not playing with anyone. She comes to me again and says, "Mommy why won't they play with me?"

I explained that all these kids know each other and probably play together often. That sometimes it's hard to make new friends. Some kids are shy etc. "I want to go home," she says. Not wanting her to face anymore rejection, I oblige and off we go. As we walk back to the car she says, "I want to play with Grace, remember her, she was wearing tights" (Grace was a little girl that she met a few weeks back at the park; they immediately ran off and played together with out a thought) (tights are a new found love of Melia's and the fact that she was wearing them must of made an impact :)

When we get in the car, she says, "that wasn't nice." Everything in me wants to yell out, your right, those kids weren't being nice. But I don't, I simply explain that when other kids are around and they want to play, that we need to show them love and be their friend. It feels good to have friends and be kind. She says, "yea, that didn't make me feel good." Again, I reiterated, how important it is for us to show love to everyone, no matter how someone looks, young or old, or shy or outgoing. It does not have to be complicated, we just have to be willing.

Everything in me wanted to protect her from the rejection, from the hurt she was feeling. Unfortunately, this is real life and things don't always go the way we think they should. All I can pray is that she learned a lesson today on how to treat others and show love, even when she may not want to. Thankfully kids are resilient, we are home and she is playing with Eva and Parker and extremely excited about it.

Not that I expected that I would be included and have this new found group of friends immediately, but not once did the other moms give me a glance, smile, or even a nod. I could, on a small level, relate with my sweet little girl today. My heart hurt for her.

I was reminded of something today. A nod, smile, eye contact, and/or a hello can make an impact on a persons day more than we may even realize. As adults it is sometimes hard for us to show love to those around us. Stress, burdens, and life seem to wear us down. Who wants to show love when we are wallowing in our own stuff.

I want to encourage you to stop and take a look around through out your day, be intentional and show the love of Christ to others. You may not ever know the impact you have, but I can guarantee you will be better for it. Live to Love today!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 Months

In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating Parker's 1 year birthday. As I reflect on this past (almost) year, there are so many emotions and feelings stirring in my heart that I am unable to put them into words. I cannot describe the love that I have for this precious boy. He has changed me and made me a better mom.

A few short weeks ago he started crawling and he hasn't stopped moving since. He is crawling everywhere and pulling to stand on everything he can get a hand on...couch, toys, wall, stool, cupboards. He even started pulling up with one hand in the last few days. Once standing he is walking (slowly) around furniture. Will he take his first independent steps by his b-day??? We shall see.

Sleeping was a challenge for a few days, because his new found motor skills were way more fun to practice than going to sleep. I would lay him down and before I was out the door, he was standing at the end of his crib, calling for me. Needless to say, we had to lower his crib mattress. The novelty has worn off and he now stays laying down and drifts off to dreamland. Speaking of sleeping, he is napping twice a day still and sleeping 12 hours at night.

Another big milestone...Parker started drinking whole milk this month and LOVES it. He nurses morning and night and has milk in a sippy cup with lunch and dinner. He's drinking 8-10 oz. of milk a day.

Parker is finding his voice in this family. He has begun protesting when things aren't going his way. If his sisters are squeezing him a little too hard, getting in his space too much, or a toy isn't doing what he thinks it should, he yells so everyone knows it. He is saying mama and dada which just makes me weak in the knees. He is also saying "mo" for more as well as signing it.

Protesting and signing more at the same time

His new favorite past time is pulling the night light out of the wall. It is a little round light that fits perfectly in his little hands.

His growth is slowing down. He weighs 21 pounds. He can still fit into 9-12 month clothes but is wearing some 12-18 month clothes, since his summer wardrobe is this size.

Every time I look into those deep blue eyes, I see the love of our Creator. What a incredible gift He has given us. I love you sweet boy.
Running after the heart of the Father. Seeking His face in All things. Walking His will out in my life. These are the desires of my heart. Along the way I am a wife and mom who wants to capture memories that will last a life time.