Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a boy!!!

We went this morning for the ultrasound and it's a boy. He looks great. I was amazed once again at all of the things they can check and measure while looking at the somewhat distorted black and white screen. Technology is amazing. We are really excited to be adding a boy to the mix in June. We have been inundated with pink the last few years, and it will be nice to add in some green and blue.

Funny story about the experience...

The tech tells us it's a boy. She then goes on to take measurements and check out the vital organs. She stops for a minute and says, "Oh, look he is holding himself." Yes, that's right, this little 12oz. baby boy had found his "defining feature" and decided to hold on. She printed a picture of this for Chris to have. I could not help but laugh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boys Away and the Girls Will Play

Chris, his dad, my dad and brother went up north for the weekend snowmobiling. I took advantage of the weekend to have some girl time. On Friday night Tab and Tiff (two teenagers that lived with us for a year) came over for the night. We put the girls to bed, did foot spas, watched a movie, and ate cookie dough. I had a great time catching up with them. Saturday they left at lunch time, and Melia, Eva and I all took a nap. That evening, Carly (my sister-in-law) and her two girls (age 3 and 4) came over for another sleepover. The kids had a great time bouncing in the bounce house (a Christmas present) and playing together. The girls went to bed and Carly and I spent a couple of hours making bows for the girls. The sleepover was cut a little short, when Emma (my niece) woke up throwing up at 1:00am. She fell back asleep and they left at 8:00am when everyone woke up. Melia was sad to see her cousins go so early. She was looking forward to having Micky Mouse waffles with them for breakfast (made with another Christmas present).

Melia and Eva were very excited to see that dad was home when they got up from their nap today. We ventured out to go sledding, but after about 20 min. Melia had to go potty. She could not focus on anything else but that, so we headed home. I wasn't going to push her, since it has only been 2 weeks since she has been potty trained. A fun and relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tin of "Joy"

If I am honest I don't usually spend a lot time reflecting on the year past. This year I spent more than normal. Last year for Christmas (07) Chris's Aunt and Uncle gave us a tin with the word Joy on it and an explanation of what we were to do with it. Throughout the year they encouraged us to write down blessings, big and small and put them in the tin (these could be in our lives or the lives of others). It was quite an amazing process.

A few things I learned...
  • God is moving
  • Take time to stop and record what God is doing
  • Even in the little things we can find JOY
  • In our society negative always seem to be in the forefront and it can suck you in, but having all these little slips of paper to remind me of all the positives that happen along the way brought hope.
  • I still remember the heartaches from the year, but I also remember the good along with it.
So here are some of the highlights...
  • We celebrated nine years of marriage
  • My sister had a precious baby girl
  • Ben and Rebekah embarked upon the road of adoption after years of heartache there is renewed hope. Although the process has not been easy...God is moving.
  • Rebekah spent months meeting weekly to pray (something I am hoping to get back to this year)
  • My brother in law got engaged to a beautiful girl
  • Chris made his sales quota for the year and we were able to go on a FREE trip to Scottsdale for a week. It was amazing.
  • In April, Chris spoke to a guy that he worked with several years ago, who credited Chris to his salvation and continued walk with the Lord. Walking by example was his testimony.
  • Saw continued healing for my brother and sister-in-law
  • Chris's family spent time in prayer - uniting our family
  • Many times it looked as though my dad would be out of a job, but he is still employed!!
  • My mom changed her position at work a little bit and loves it (I still get to work with her in the afternoons :)
  • Restoration in hurt relationships
  • A new life will join our family in 09
  • A few weekend get-a-ways with Ben and Bekah
  • Watching the girls grow and change
  • Melia is potty-trained
  • Met a new friend at our library story-time
  • There are more, some too personal to share, but this gives you a picture of our year.
It was interesting looking back, there were times that I would write often and slip it in the jar and other months there would be nothing. Busyness got in the way sometimes, but I love this concept and am going to implement the same practice this year.

I have an empty tin...waiting for blessings big and small to fill it. Happy New Year!
Running after the heart of the Father. Seeking His face in All things. Walking His will out in my life. These are the desires of my heart. Along the way I am a wife and mom who wants to capture memories that will last a life time.