Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come and follow me!!!

The sling and swaddle journey has begun. You can follow me on twitter by clicking HERE. If you do not have a twitter account all you need is an email and password. It is really easy to set up.

You can view my profile as well as see the other moms in this journey HERE. I am mom 18. Click on my name or picture and you will see my bio. There is a little bird that says follow me in the right hand corner. Click on the bird, and that will also take you to my twitter account. The link is not set up correctly at this moment, but should be up and running correctly tomorrow.

You can show your love by letting all you friends know too. The grand prize winner is picked by the number of followers, the number of posts I put up, and creativity.

I will be adding my twitter account to my blog also, so you can follow there as well. Thanks for all of your support.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Moms are picked....

The sling and swaddle journey is underway in just a few more days. Check out the 30 moms that will be tweeting about life as a baby wearing, miracle blanket using mom. Twitter accounts will be set up in the next day or so...I will let you know as soon as I do, so you can join me on the journey.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of the Girls

What a gorgeous weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect. We spent A LOT of time outside. The girls helped Chris complete many small projects...

Chris had just gone around and pounded in some of the nail pops on our deck. Melia immediately ran in the house to get her hammer and drill...the tools that daddy was using.

Eva joined in as soon as the hammer was put down

If you want precision measurement...just ask Eva

Melia measuring her arm in her shadow.

Their new favorite place to eat (which saves my kitchen I don't mind :)

Melia also spent A LOT of time riding her tricycle. She has ridden her trike to the park (about 1/2 mile away) three times this week. We went out last night to get her a big bike with training wheels. We got it home, Chris put it together, and the wheel is back to the store it goes today. She was so excited to ride it. She has been practicing in the store for the last few weeks. When we walk into a store, she asks, "Is there bikes here? Can I go ride one?" (more picts to come, when she gets a bike that works)

After a busy first half of the weekend...we enjoyed a wonderful family day yesterday. I got to sleep in, then we went up town to watch the very small Memorial Day Parade (the girls loved the band), and then back home to work and play around the house. When the girls went down for their nap, Rebekah and I went out for an afternoon of pampering (I got a pedicure) and shopping for accessories and shoes for the upcoming wedding this weekend. It is crazy, how having your feet done, can make you feel so pretty.

Last night, I was up way to late creating this...As a part of the Sling and Swaddle competition that I am in, I had to create a profile picture and submit a 100-150 bio about myself that will be on their site. If you don't know what I am talking about you can read about it here. It is supposed to be a pict of mom and baby, and since baby boy has not arrived yet, this is what they will get for now. The competition starts on June 1st. I will let you know when my twitter page is up and running, so you can all run over there and follow me :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sling and Swaddle

I read about a contest on a blog put on my Miracle Blanket and HotSlings, and decided to enter.

Here is the info from their site...

Moms throughout the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to submit pitches between May 1st and 15th to be one of the 30 moms selected. Individuals must have a baby between the age of newborn and 3 months old. Submissions will include photos, a quick survey and a 200 word write-up. Representatives from Miracle Blanket and Hotslings will select the top
30 moms based on criteria to include visual creativity, writing creativity, overall writing style, uniqueness of family, location, story, enthusiasm, etc.

I WAS SELECTED AS ONE OF THE 30 MOMS!!!! I should be receiving 2 miracle blankets and this sling in the mail in the next few weeks. They picked me even knowing that baby boy may not arrive until the 5th. I am very excited to be a part of this competition.

This is where ALL of YOU come into play...

Each mom selected will be provided a Hotslings carrier and two Miracle Blankets, as well as the necessary parameters and custom Twitter accounts with “Journey” branded backgrounds. Links will then be listed on the host website at The competition begins June 1st as moms compete by micro-blogging daily about their journeys in motherhood. Daily features must include usage and experiences with the Hotslings carrier and Miracle Blanket as well as weekly photos. Representatives from Miracle Blanket and Hotslings will select the winning mom based on select criteria to include number of followers, creativity, collective daily average hits, etc. Moms will be encouraged to use their own personal blogs to increase visitors.

What's in it for me you ask... The chance to win all of this!!!!

Valued at over $2,000, the grand prize includes a feature in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Online along with gift certificates and products from Miracle Blanket, Hotslings, Babies”R”Us, Medela,, Patricia Ann Designs, Dr. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Baby DVD series, Avon and the list continues to grow.

To see a complete list of prizes you can go here:

So beginning June 1st come on over to join me for this adventure. Tell your friends to log on and check me out on Twitter. As soon as I have the link I will let you know!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

In a few short weeks...

In just 2 1/2 weeks (June 5th), if I make it that long, we will be meeting our little boy face to face. I had a doctor's appt. this morning and there was not much change. I was dialated 1-2cm last week and 2cm today. They scheduled the induction for June 5th at 6am. WOW that's early. I will have to get up 4:30ish, not a time of day I like to see. The next two weeks are very busy. I am working everyday this week to finish up all of my end of the year tasks and meetings. I will still have two weeks of work left (I plan on working until June 4th, my last day with students), but I will be prepared if baby boy decides to come early. Chris's brother is getting married in two weeks. The next two weekends are filled with bachelor/bachelerette parties, rehearsals, and the wedding. Chris is the best man and Melia is the flower girl, so that will keep us busy.

The bags are packed and ready to go. All of the major house projects are done, and over the next few weeks I will spend time going through each room and doing some deep cleaning. I was able to finish the bedrooms, and upstairs bathrooms, this weekend. It feels great knowing that he could come at any time and we are prepared for him. I plan on enjoying the next couple weeks soaking up all the time I can with Chris, Melia, and Eva.

Baby boys are all around...Our best friends Ben and Rebekah are expecting, through adoption, a baby boy due in five weeks (but will most likely come early). We can't wait to meet him. Other friends, Dan and Laura, are expecting their second baby, also a boy just three days before my due date (3 weeks away). Out of state friends, Doug and Heidi, are also expecting in three weeks, with their first, a baby boy. Other friends, Mike and Crystal are expecting their second baby at the end of June, also a boy. It is so exciting to be surrounded by boys. We have had all girls in our family and friends circle for the past five years. I am thankful to add some blue to the mix. I am not usually very good about keeping my cell phone by me, but after I missed a call from Rebekah about baby boy last week, it's not leaving my hand for the next few weeks. I can't wait to meet these precious baby boys.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Boy Update

I had a doctor's appt today. I am almost 36 weeks pregnant (friday). I am dilated 1-2cm already and they have scheduled to induce me on June 5th (39 weeks). All the items on the house project list are almost complete. The school year is winding down. The bags are being packed. With each passing day, the anticipation is building. We have decided on a name, but it is not going to be revealed until he shows his little face. We can't wait to meet him.
Running after the heart of the Father. Seeking His face in All things. Walking His will out in my life. These are the desires of my heart. Along the way I am a wife and mom who wants to capture memories that will last a life time.