Sunday, December 18, 2011


Twelve years ago today, I married Chirs. We have been together since March 1994 (high school sweethearts). 3 children, 2 cats, 3 houses, and so many wonderful memories, brings us to today.

Two kids walked down the aisle that just starting his career, and the other with a year left of college. I remember all the emotions I felt on that chilly, snowy, winter day. Tears of joy as I walked toward Chris, and tears of saddness as I looked into my dad's tear-filled eyes as he let his little girl go. I couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony...I was marrying the man (boy), I loved. We didnt know what life would bring, but we agreed to find out together.

I love him more today than 12 years ago. There have been ups and downs along the way, but they have made us stronger and made us who we are today! No matter what we faced he would say, "it will be okay" (even though he was convincing himself at the same time). He is a wonderful provider for our family, and continually puts the kids and I before himself.

There is no greater joy than watching him roll around on the floor with the kids, and then snuggle them in bed and whisper prayers in their ears. His eyes light up when they come racing through the kitchen as he walks in from work. He has little routines, that only he can do with them. Little games that only dad can play.

I love you Chris! I am looking forward to what the next twelve years and beyond will bring.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


1st day of school for E and P...Melia started one day before them

He looks so grown up

Sister love for E's first day

first day of 4 yearl old preschool

Melia and her teacher (I was able to pick her teacher...She is the teacher I co-taught with for many years...she moved to kindergarten 2 years ago. I am thankful she is M's teacher)

Mommy and Daddy got to go with her on her first day

Sister love on her first day!

This last six weeks since the start of school has brought about many changes. Melia started Kindergarten this year. She goes all day everyday, the first major change. I miss her when she is away from me all day. She is learning so much. Yesterday, she came home counting to 20 in Mandarin Chinese. At her school, all students get 30 min of Chinese every day. It is incredible all that she is learning. She also started violin lessons last week. It is an optional program that the students can participate in. There is a small fee, but she gets two 30 min lessons on the violin with a small group of kindergartners during her school day. She has had three lessons, with the first one taking time to measure each student for their violin. She brought it home for the first time yesterday, and told me the names of all the parts, the rules involved in holding it and the name of each string. She is amazing me with everything she is learning. Eva's preschool class also gets Chinese instruction and she came home counting to 10 this week. I am thankful to work in such a great school system, and very glad we made the decision to send our kids to that district.

About three weeks into school, the preschool special education teacher in my building had to be hospitalized unexpectedly due to complications with her pregnancy. (she has since had her baby who was born very early weighing under 2 pounds, but I am pleased to say that he is doing very well at this point). That brought about a second huge change for our family. I took over her afternoon class, therefore, I am now working full time. It could be for several months, but I am up to the challenge. I am enjoying working with 3-5 year olds again. E and P are in daycare 4 days a week now and my mother in law graciously takes care of them one day a week. The biggest challenge is getting up and out of the house every day, having three young kids, fed, dressed, hair done, and in the car by 7:30-7:40am. We are falling into new routines and I am thankful for the opportunity. By the end of the week we are all pretty tired, but we are cherishing family time on the weekends. I have had to learn to prioritize at a whole new level. Some things (mostly around the house), have had to be let go or expectations drastically decreased. I would be lying if said there weren't moments in the last few weeks, that I questioned my sanity and a few tears weren't shed, but all in all it is working. We have a lot on our plate right now, but we are just taking it one day at a time and learning to let go of the small stuff.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoying the Process

Yesterday a reoccurring theme made its way through my mind. I participated in my second sprint triathlon in the early hours of the morning. This race was much harder than the first race I did in June for a variety of reasons. The course was much more difficult and my training has lacked in the last month. The bike course was a very hilly road path through Holly Recreational Park. It was a two loop course, so after completing the first loop, I knew what was coming. :) Part way through the second loop the thought, "enjoy the process", went through my head. Even though I was completing one of the hardest things I have done in my life, I wanted to enjoy the process. The park was beautiful, the weather gorgeous. The path was tree lined and in a few spots lakes lined the path. It gave me something to focus on instead of looking at the massive hill I was pedaling up. It was a great experience overall.

Later in the day yesterday, when 2 out of the three kids were napping, I decided to mow the lawn. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and the lawn was looking like a jungle, so why no mow it? It is actually a task that I enjoy. Up and down each row, and again I thought, "enjoy the process." Instead of trying to rush through, just enjoy it.

Sometimes I get caught up in the tasks of life, that I don't stop to enjoy them. It is easier to say, I just want this to be done and try and get it done and move on to something else. I do this with the kids sometimes. Some phases that kids go though are not so fun. Yet, they are only little once and I want to try and focus on "enjoying the process" more often. Again, it is easy sometimes (at least for me) to fall into the trap of complaining, focusing on how hard something is, or just rushing through something to get it done. I'm not blind to the fact that there are terrible tragedies and difficulties in life that people face, and enjoying the process just isn't feasible or seems impossible at times. But in my day to day, I want to try and accomplish this. I believe it will make me a more patient, can be attitude changing, and put a smile on my face instead of a scowl. I hope that you stop and "enjoy the process" in something today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This summer has been filled with all kinds of adventures, changes, and growth. I can’t believe school is just around the corner.

· Melia graduated from preschool and will be heading to Kindergarten in a few short weeks
· Parker turned 2
· Just weeks later he was potty trained!!!! No one in diapers now! (He was the youngest to be trained out of the three kids)
· Parker moved from his crib to his full size bed. He looks like such a peanut in his big bed
· Chris and I completed our first Sprint Triathlon
· Melia and Eva learned to swim with out any rings or arm floaties and Parker is swimming just with arm floaties...We spent alot of time in the water. All three of them are jumping into the pool (the girls by themselves and P with floaties) :) I am so proud of their accomplishments.
· Parker learned to ride a scooter and a tricycle this summer.
· The girls learned to pump their feet on the swings and LOVE going as high as they can
· Melia is reading simple words and phrases
· The girls can both count to one hundred by 10's

I love that I have the summer off and can spend so much time watching them learn and grow. I would not trade it for anything in the world. I am so thankful I have this time with them.

· We spent ALOT of time in the pool, at the beach, splash pad, and parks (gotta love free fun)
· Had a great 4th of July party with family and friends
· Went to 3 firework shows
We went to a few festivals and parades
We spent a week in Lake City, MI with my family and closest friends (19 people...11 adults and 8 kids (all 7 and under) in one house. We had an awesome time.
We went to the Armada fair and watched the Monster trucks
We spent a lot of time biking and running
We celebrated with my BFF who turned 30 and finished her MBA with a Pirate Murder Mystery Party!
We are ending the summer spending three days camping with our best friends and their little guy in tents (with no water or electric) over Labor day doesn't get much more fun than that :) Can't wait.

Everyday was an adventure and the kids woke up asking what are we going to do today! I start school again next week and Melia starts Kindergarten the week after that...all day, everyday in school. While I am excited to watch her continue to learn and grow, I will miss her. It will be strange to only have Eva and Parker home on my days off. While I am sad summer is coming to an end, I am excited for the new season we are embarking on. It is amazing the changes that can take place in ust a few short months. I am one blessed momma!

Paker kissed (he loves animals) a variety of animals this it is a cow at the Strawberry Festival

Arrrr Matey!

Melia walking across the bridge at her preschool graduation

A trip to the zoo

Parker's big bed

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Work in Progress

A few weeks back we rescued this gem from what would of been eternity in a garbage dump.

Slowly, we have been stripping the old paint away layer by layer to reveal the pure beauty of the wood in its original state. It is a work in progress.

Last month we heard a message at church titled, "Taking the Plunge." It was a back to the basics message on salvation and growing up in the Lord. A few days later, I was stripping the layers of paint away, and I pondered the words I heard earlier that week. Just like the dresser before me, I (and you) are works in progress. When we were 10 years old we knew more than when we were 5, at 20 we knew more than we did at age 10 and so on. As we grow in age, hopefully we grow in maturity. The Pastor mentioned during his sermon that "growing up" brings stability and wisdom. Words that seem simple, but they impacted me differently this time. I want stability and wisdom in my life. I want to be stable (or even more stable) for my kids, for my husband and others around me.

I want more than the stability that comes with age, I want the stability that comes from growing up, maturing, and increasing in wisdom in the things of the Lord. A stability that cannot be shaken. A stability that brings a new level of maturity. This stability takes some work. I am done sitting on the sidelines, waiting for it. I am chasing after it with all I have. The Pastor mentioned sitting in church for 10 or 20 years does not make you mature in the things of the Lord. While it is very beneficial, there is more to it than that. As a family, we are reorganizing and reprioritizing. I am sure it will stretch and change us, but in the end we will be better for it.

Just as the old paint is being stripped away, so are layers in my life. I am a work in progress and I am thankful for the things that the Lord is doing.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Setting a Goal

Last summer a good friend of ours particiapted in several Sprint Triathlons. After listening to him talk about them, I thought, I wonder if I could ever do that. This thought ran through my head several times throughout the winter. Spring came, and I decided, I was all in. In April, Chris and I signed up for our first Sprint Tri, which was going to take place in June. Let the training begin! I already had a love for biking and have always enjoyed swimming, but more just for fun. The running had me a little nervous. I ran track in highschool for a couple years, but lets be honest that was a long time ago :) I made a training calendar and set out to accomplish this goal. Because we signed up together, Chris and I took turns taining in the evenings, and on the weekends tried to train together (along with the kids). We would pull them in bike trailers while riding, come home put the wheel on and push them as we ran. If I could do it with the kids, I was confident I could do it without the kids. After a few months of training, race day was finally here.

The race took place at Belle Isle in Detroit and consisted of a 500 meter swim, a 12 mile bike and a 3.4 mile run. My three goals: finish the race, do it under 2 hours, and run the whole run. Two out of the three I was able to do. I did finish the race and did it in 1 hr and 47 min, but I did walk a few times during the running portion. Both of our familes came out to support us the day of the race. I felt so honored to have them there. We had to be at Belle Isle at 6:30am and our familes were there, with our kids by 7:30am (that's love). I am so thankful for there support.

Our Support Crew!

Our racing buddies: Team Woodruff, Spina, and Rayner

Getting ready for the swim. The water temp was 65 and the air temp was 60...brrr

There were 50-60 people in my wave to start the race...About 700 people participated in the race that day!

2 down 1 to go...swim and bike are done. Coming into the transition area to drop of my bike and put my running shoes on!

Chris coming in after the bike...the sun did peak out from behind the clouds during the bike, but it was still in the 60's!

Coming down the chute to finish the race!!!

VICTORY!! I couldn't have been more proud. I came around the final corner and all of our family (as well as Chris, Corey, and Jason, who had already finished) were cheerning me on. I fought back tears, hearing all of them shout my name and knowing that I was just feet away from finishing the race. Corey yelled, "Sprint" as I ran by. I put my head down, and with the rush of pure adrenaline, sprinted the final 150 feet to the finish line.

Thank you Chris for supporting me and letting me drag you into this!

It was a cold and dreary day, but I had a great time and was so proud that I had accomplished the goal. I took a few weeks off and am now back to training for another tri at the end of August!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

All About Parker

These last few months have been really busy with the end of the school year, training for our first sprint triathlon, all the end of the year parties/events for the kids school, and just life in general. While other posts will be coming about some of those things, this post is
All About Parker!!

Parker Turned Two!!!

He doesn't look at the camera much these days :)

It's hard for me to believe but it's true. I love that little boy more and more every minute. He is changing and growing everyday. He's sporting long, blond curls for the summer months. He is weighing in at 26 lbs and is all boy. He loves to play, run, throw, jump, and kick. He is putting longer sentences together by the week. He generally speaks in 3 word phrases now, and sometimes surprises me with 5 or 6 words at a time. He has a contagious laugh and a heart-warming smile.

Over the weekend we had a "Two Turning Two" Party with our best friends little boy, Ty. The boys are 10 days apart and couldn't be any cuter. I get so much joy out of watching them play and interact. From matching shirts, to matching gifts, the party was a day of fun. After the party we decided to do an impromptu Rayner/Pinchback camp out in our backyard. We pitched tents, built a fire, ate smores, and slept in the backyard. It was a perfect end to a great day.

Matching Trikes

A "Two" cake made by my sister

Sharing some cake with his best buddy!

Waiting for the tents to go up after dinner

Parker boy, your momma loves you more than you know! Happy Birthday Precious Boy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Real Hope

A group of girls, one being my BFF, from a local college are a part of an awesome project. Be a part and you have a chance to win a $500 visa gift card! Please check it out!! Here is a peak into the project!

Real Hope's mission is to show the love of God in a way that makes its recipients stand back and say, "Today, I know I'm valued."

What We're DoingWe've chosen Pontiac High School for our Hope project recipient and plan to bring its library to life!!!

We will splash the walls with color and motivational materials, as well as fill the shelves with books (we're looking to partner with local bookstores to share in that effort). If there are funds remaining, computers will also be purchased.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hardest Job

I recently read a friends blog post in which she talked about disciplining her two year old and feeling like she should know what to do, but just doesn't seem to have all the answers. I have felt/thought this more and more in recent days. Her credentials are similar to mine, a soon to be Elementary Ed degree with an Early Childhood Endorsement. In her post, she states she should know what to do and she has worked with children and helped shape them for as long as she can remember. I share these same sentiments. Before having children I was confident I would be able to handle the challenges, joys, tears, etc that come with having children. My confidence, while still present, has changed. New revelations have come. Shaping the lives of children in a classroom, is very different than training your own children (so I've learned :). While some of the same techniques can be used, others may not work as well. In the bubble of the classroom, all your attention is on the students. It is much easier to be consistent. When at home and all the other aspects of life are vying for your attention, sometimes this constancy is compromised. Having more than one child, I have learned that each of my children have very different personalities and different forms of discipline work with each of them. A time out may work with one, but not with another. Then each situation, may have it's own consequences. Leading to many challenges in the parenting department. The bottom line is that each day has it's own adventures. Just as the kids are growing and learning, I am doing the same. When faced with a situation, we go with our gut, bring in some of my training, and use past experiences to face the situation head on. While parenting is the hardest job I have ever done, it also the most rewarding. There's NOTHING better that an I Love You at the end of the day or listening to little feet run down the hallway and being greeted with sweet kiss on the cheek to wake me up. At school my job is pretty consistent throughout the day. At home, my job as a mom is always evolving and changing. The pressure (or perceived pressure) from society and those around us adds to the dynamic of parenting. People are so quick to judge and jump to conclusions in all areas of life, but especially parenting. I was probably one of those people before I had kids :) Kids act out, and it's said, "They don't have any discipline at home" or "their parents need to get control". Easier said than done. Looking beyond these judgements hard for me. One of our kiddos in particular has been more challenging than the other two. She has traits that will one day make her a strong and productive leader in society, but training her along the way has proved difficult at times. There have been times, and are even now, that I don't want to go out and be around friends and family, anxious that she will have a meltdown or lash out at someone, and my parenting will be criticized. How will I handle it with all those eyes on me? What will people think? These are insecurities/pride issues that I have dealt with in many areas of my life. I am pleased to say that this is changing, while I still have times filled with anxiousness, worry, and fear, I have MANY more times, that frankly, I don't really care what others think. While I know this sounds harsh, hear my heart. I have come to a place that I only want to please my Lord and Savior. While I will gladly listen to the opinions and thoughts of others, the most important thing for me is pleasing the Lord in all I do and that includes training my children. We all live in different situations, different ages and amounts of kids, different jobs, and time commitments, different amounts of support, but the bottom line is we need to love one another as God loves us. Be quick to encourage instead of quick to judge. This should pertain to all areas in our lives. In my friends post she referenced the "three C's: calm, caring, and consistent as well as the 90:10 ratio, "which states that interactions with your child should be 90 parts positive and 10 parts negative or better." Hard sometimes, but VERY true. My fave line in her post, writing about reading books on discipline lately, was, "My experience with theories is that they work wonderfully in a book, with the ideal child in mind. In practice, however, things are a bit more complicated. Interactions with real children are often more complex than the books can portray. It's frustrating to read or know something, then try it out and end up with a different outcome than you expected." This couldn't be more true. I too have been reading about discipline lately, and its very humbling to read a book, in which it states many of the things you are doing are "wrong." While I believe that there are absolutely things I need to change, I also believe that no one knows my children better than me. I do the best job I know how, and face each situation as it comes. Parenting is a ever-changing and evolving thing. We learn as we go, and make changes where needed. I am thankful for new mercies and grace each day. Love your children today just for who they are. Its the most important job we will ever have. Now for something a little more upbeat...before the last snowflake has melted (yes we still have little bits of snow on the ground here in MI) I give you "Winter Fun 2011" videos:

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am not usually the thinker, reflector, dreamer type, but all of these have been a bigger part of my life over the last few weeks. I have questioned many things in my life over the last few weeks...why do we do what we do? Why do we serve the Lord the way we do? Why do we talk and act certain ways? Why do we train our children in the way we do? Are we being wise financially? Why do certain things happen the way they do? The list could go on. What has brought about all this questioning? Many factors: things I have heard, seen, and been a part of over the last months.

Legacy is a word that had kept coming to mind. What legacy am I going to leave? Last week at church, our Pastor talked about all the "noise" in this world. The noise included technology, phones, ipods, computers, facebook, twitter etc. I will be the first to admit that these things can consume me at times. It is easy to spend hours reading blogs, looking at facebook etc. I try to keep this computer time for when the kids are in bed, but it does, at times, spill over into other parts of the day. How do I want my kids to remember front of a phone or computer all the time? Definitely not. I don't think they will, but I want them to know that they are ALWAYS the priorty and none of these other things really matter. Nothing else really matters in life besides them right now. They are only in this home for a certain amount of time, and I want to cherish every moment I have with them. A shift is taking place in my heart. Priorities being re-organized. I don't want the "typical" American family. I want an extraordinary life, living beyond ourselves, and all things typical. A life that reflects the One who gave us this life. A life that is more about others than myself. A life that teaches my children that caring and compassion for others is really what matters. A life that is filled with worship and the Word. A life that reflects Jesus to those around me.

Just over a year ago I wrote THIS post. It has something I have thought about many times over the last year and it has been weighing heavy on my heart these last few weeks. From time to time I watch "19 kids and Counting", a show depicting the life of the Duggar family who have 19 children. They are an INCREDIBLE family. They are a bible loving, homeschooling, have no TV, only use computer for school, all play an instrument, put family first kind of family. Recently, on Yah**, I watched a video of another family that is very similar to the Duggars. They have 18 children and live by many of the same values. Watching these families is such an inspiration to me. Don't get me wrong, I do not desire to birth 15 more children. :) But, I strongly believe are family is not complete with three. How many more? Only the Lord knows. What will that look like, I am not sure, but there are thousands of children, young and old, out there that need a family. A life long friend of mine, opened their home this summer to a teenage boy that needed a home. I have not had the opportunity to talk in depth with her about this, but she said the need was there and they felt led. They have two young children of their own, but decided to open their home to this teenage boy. His and their life will never be the will be better! I want to be in that place. Open to expanding our family. Opening our home to children who do not have one. I have even been dreaming lately of living on a few acres having 10 kids, homeschooling all of them, and just loving life. I know this all seems flowery and perfect, and life isn't that way sometimes, but I believe that we are being prepared for the challenge. I know this seems strange to many of you, but to me it's what I desire to be my normal. I don't know what my life will look like in 2, 5, or 10 years, but the bottom line is, I want to be open to whatever that Lord has for us.

I know this post is all over the place, but hear my heart, there are stirrings that are taking place. A shifting in priorities, desires for higher things, a wanting to live differently, be set apart, and expecting extraordinary things.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday and Christmas!!!

Melia turned 5 a few weeks back. Crazy! We had a small family party for her and she soaked up every second of the attention. She loved having her cousins at her Princess/Barbie party. My sister made an awesome Barbie cake for her. We also had a pinata for the kids. It wasn't one of those swing the bat or stick and hope no one gets hurt ones; it was a pull string one. Each child pulls a ribbon until one of them releases the trap door and the candy comes pouring out. They loved it.

She will be heading to kindergarten in the fall. This is exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. My time with her will be much more limited, but I am excited to watch her grow and learn so much. We are debating doing school of choice for her and sending her to the full day kindergarten program in the district that I teach in. Our home district offers 1/2 day, which means on the days I work she would spend her afternoons in a day care room. On the other hand, I will have to drive her to the school on my days off. We are still mulling it over, but we are leaning towards the full day program. She will love learning and making new friends and I would rather have her doing that, than sitting in daycare. Decisions...decisions :)

Beautiful Girl!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas. I love that time of year so much. Time off work for Chris, much family time, the house is is almost my favorite time of year, taking a close second to laying by the pool on a hot summer day :) We were very blessed with many incredible gifts and had much time to relax and enjoy each other. Here are a few pics :)

My mom and dad made these GORGEOUS doll houses for the kids for Christmas (they actually made three one for my brother and sister's kids too.) The detail work is amazing and the kids LOVE playing with it. It will be a life long cherished gift.

I made many homemade gifts this year and this was one of my favorite projects. I made all our kids and many of the kids we love aprons and chef hats. They looked adorable :) My nieces are great models.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New year: Speaking Life

This moring as I was playing with the kids in their rooms, Eva put a CD in their CD player. It was John Waller. I was reminded of this post from almost two years ago (one of my favorite blog posts). These same feeligns have been on my heart in the recent weeks, so I thought I would repost it...its a great reminder for me and hopefully for you today!

Chris and I laid by a fire in the
fireplace until way too late into the night a few weeks back talking about this very thing. As we embark on this new year let us think of our words and choose them carefully...let us be a blessing, thinking of others before ourselves (even when we don't want to). Let us leave a legacy of blessing. That's what I want for my family. I want my children to see us encouraging and building others up, serving others before ourselves and giving selflessly.

(Origninal post from 6-18-08)

Speaking Life

Over the last few weeks/months, several situations have come up that have really got me thinking. My writing may seem a little disconnected to start, but I will bring it back together in the end, I promise. Two months ago Chris's grandmother went to be with the Lord. In more recent days I have read or heard of other situations involving sudden tragedy/death of people young and old. I have given much thought to how precious life is. When I think about our time on this earth in comparison to eternity, it is a short time. Thinking about how we interact with people and the words we use has been a reoccurring theme in my heart over these past few months. On father's day we were celebrating with family and out of no where, during a conversation, something very hurtful was said to my husband. He quietly slipped away from the situation and went to another part of the house. The rest of us were left there in a moment of awkward silence. The day went on, but I was left with a nagging in my heart. Another family member asked the person involved to go and make it right with Chris. The response was I guess, but I just have a way of offending people, making an excuse for his actions. The situation was resolved and forgiveness was given before we left for the day, but the hurt was still there.

Another situation occurred this week. A friend and I were at McDonald's having lunch with our kids. There were several other kids and families in the play place this day. A little boy, maybe 7 or 8 was playing alone. After observing him for sometime, I determined he was most likely Autistic. This little boy was getting agitated and hit another boy and his mom. This mom then asked who this kid belonged to and in a angry tone, speaking loudly enough for everyone to here reported what happened. The person that was with the Autistic child, who I later determined was not his mom, claimed him and made him come and sit at the table. There were two other children with this mom, and when they were told it was time to go, they whined and complained a little. The mom's response to her children was "I know, he (speaking of the Autistic boy) ALWAYS ruins everything". My heart broke for this child. Again this conversation took place, loud enough for everyone in the area to hear. Although the boy seemed unphased by what was being said about him, the words were still spoken. What impression/attitudes does this statement leave on her children about this other boy, and more importantly this child is being cursed by the words of another person. I try very hard to leave the words always and never out of my vocabulary. Even if something happens 99 out of 100 times the word always cannot be used. They are so absolute.

Over the past weeks Rebekah and I have been getting together to pray and study the book of James. A few weeks ago we studied James chapter 3.James 3: 9-12 says,With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.I read these words, ones that I had heard and read before and did not give it much thought to them at the time.

Over these last weeks they have resonated in my heart. Our words our powerful, they can curse or bring blessing. Being faced with situations involving death, recently, I began thinking about the situation with Chris differently; questioning what if?. What if the hurtful words were the last ones to be spoken? What if this was the last time we were to see this person? Many times we walk around taking life for granted, but in a moment a very different picture could lay before us. We assume we will have time to resolve offenses or make a relationship right. I know this all seems a little morbid, but it's what is in my heart. I am not one to live thinking or fearing death, but I do want to be conscious of what is coming out of my mouth. Am I speaking words of life? Even in everyday conversation, what seems harmless, can open the floodgates for the enemy. I was mowing the grass this afternoon, listening to my IPOD, when the following song came on. I listened to the words and it brought all the thoughts over the past few months together. What are you going to choose today...blessing or curse? What legacy are you leaving behind?

You can here the song here:

John Waller "The Blessing"

Let it be said of us While we walked among the living.Let it be said of us By the ones we leave behind. Let it be said of us That we lived to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That we gave to reach the dying. Let it be said of us By the fruit we leave behind. Let it be said of us That our legacy is blessing for life.

This day You set life, you set death right before us, This day Every blessing and curse is a choice now, And we will choose to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That our hearts belonged to Jesus. Let it be said of us That we spoke the words of life.Let it be said of us That our heritage is blessing for life.

This day You set life, you set death right before us, This day Every blessing and curse is a choice now, And we will choose to be a blessing for life. Blessings and Curses are choices,'Cause blessings and curses are choices. Will we build up, tear down? The moment of truth is now. For your Kingdom, for our Children For the sake of every nation For your Kingdom, for our ChildrenFor the sake of every nationWe will choose to be a blessing for life. For life.

Blessing for life.
Running after the heart of the Father. Seeking His face in All things. Walking His will out in my life. These are the desires of my heart. Along the way I am a wife and mom who wants to capture memories that will last a life time.