Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snowmobiling Trip

This weekend Chris, Ben, Rebekah and I made a day trip out of snowmobiling. We have had sleds for a couple years, but I had yet to use them. I was a little apprehensive at first, but we had a great time. Although it was very fun, one day in the cold and snow was enough for me. I do not think I could spend a whole weekend doing it. I woke up this morning VERY sore. It was a great time with friends. We rode a few hours, stopped to eat and rode a little. I was the slowest of the bunch, but did hit speeds of 55-60 a few times.

Ben, Rebekah, Chris, and I

Our partners in crime..ready for a day of fun

Chris and I

The girls waiting for the boys to get the sleds ready!!!

(Thanks Rebekah for the picts!!!)


beckyjomama said...

Girl, you better be going slow - you got baby boy to protect!!! But, MAN that looks fun!

Laura said...

Looks like fun! I would have been right with you (if not slower :), but I'm sure it made for a fun experience!

I'd really love to get the girls together sometime soon...I miss talking with you! Let me know what works...

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