Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life at Our House in Pictures

We continue to chip away at the long list of house projects before baby boy joins the family in just 6 short weeks. but in the work, we have had some fun. here is the proof...

Family picts from Easter Sunday!!!

A Dad and his Girls...

My sister and her family

My brother and his family

Our best attempt at getting 5 girls under 4 years old to all look at the same time...

Eva moved to her big bed last friay night. The transition has gone much smoother that I anticipated. There have been a few times when Eva has got out of bed, but a little discipline, she has learned that she needs to stay in bed. The girls have had a great time sharing a room, they spend time at night laughing and talking before bed. It is so precious.

The girls helping Chris put the "big bed" together

Eva is so tiny in her full size bed...she snuggles to the front corner every night.

Last month Melia had the opportunity to be in her first wedding. She made the most adorable flower girl I have ever seen. She gets to be in another wedding next month, when Chris's brother gets married.


Anonymous said...

have you seen this blog? i wanted to pass it along in case you haven't. i too am a fellower of stellan! this girl is a miracle!
good luck with the rest of your pregnancy sweet thing!

Anonymous said...


Rebekah said...

Love the one of Eva in her Easter dress. It's beautiful!!!!

Christy said...

Love the Easter dresses! So cute! Looks like you have been busy getting ready for baby boy. Boys are so much fun!

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