Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come and follow me!!!

The sling and swaddle journey has begun. You can follow me on twitter by clicking HERE. If you do not have a twitter account all you need is an email and password. It is really easy to set up.

You can view my profile as well as see the other moms in this journey HERE. I am mom 18. Click on my name or picture and you will see my bio. There is a little bird that says follow me in the right hand corner. Click on the bird, and that will also take you to my twitter account. The link is not set up correctly at this moment, but should be up and running correctly tomorrow.

You can show your love by letting all you friends know too. The grand prize winner is picked by the number of followers, the number of posts I put up, and creativity.

I will be adding my twitter account to my blog also, so you can follow there as well. Thanks for all of your support.


Laura said...

You'll do great, Meeghan...I am thinking about and praying for you! I can't wait to hear about tomorrow! Don't be nervous; you are great at this baby-birthing stuff ;)

BONNIE said...

COngradulations Meeghan and Chris, he is beautiful, I am following you so maybe you will win. Keep up the postings. Love Aunt Bonnie

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