Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On Thursday night Parker woke up in the middle of the night fussing. I was able to settle him down pretty quickly and he went back to sleep. Chris mentioned that he felt a little warm, but when he woke up in the morning, he felt okay and we went about our day. When I picked up the kids from Grandma's house on Friday morning, she mentioned that he was a little fussy and took a short morning nap. When we got home I took his temp and it was 102. I gave him Motrin and kept an eye on it. He had a rough night sleep Friday and by Saturday afternoon his fever was 104. I took him to an urgent care clinic by our house and he was diagnosed with an ear infection in one ear and fluid in the other. He was prescribed antibiotics and we went on our way. Saturday night was really rough. He was up from 1am-5am fussing and very uncomfortable. He was getting more and more congested and starting with a couch on top of everything else. I wanted to give him time on the antibiotics, so Sunday we just stayed home and tried to keep him comfortable and cool.

Monday, Chris stayed home with him in the morning and I took the afternoon off. When I got home he tried to nurse, which had been pretty unsuccessful because he was so congested. Eating proves diffucult when you have to breathe through your mouth. :) He had not eaten or drank much since Friday and I was concerned he was getting dehydrated. His temp was still high and he seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I called our ped. and he told me to bring him in. He checked him out and then I heard these words,

"I want you to take him to the ER for tests and IV fluids"

I immediately called Chris (who had only been at work a few hours), to tell him the news. He said, "I will meet you there, go now". So that is what I did. I called Teri to tell her the news and ask her to keep the girls, which she so graciously did. My mom came out later to take them home and get them ready for bed. We are blessed with the most amazing friends and family!!!

Our doc called the ER and told them we were on our way. They got us in right away. I was so impressed with all of the staff at Beaumont. They treated us so well. His temp was back up to 103 when we got there. He was so lethargic when we arrived. He had this little whimper cry when they did his IV and I knew he was not well. He was not even strong enough to let out a real cry. They did some blood work and got the IV started, and the wait began.

Here are some pics from our time in the ER. They are from my phone, so excuse the quality.

When we first arrived...his cheeks were so red.

Waiting to get a chest x-ray and drinking a bottle of pedialite. Starting to perk up

Check out my IV

Sweet boy

After a few hours the test results were back. He has RSV (Respitory Syncytial Virus). His chest x-ray came back great and blood work too. Unfortunately, with a virus there is not much we can do except wait for it to run it's course and treat the fever with Motrin and Tylenol. He is still on the antibiotic for the ear infection too.

I am very happy to report today that we had many small victories. Parker is still running a fever, but ate and nursed this morning better than he has in five days. He is beginning to play a little bit and even taking naps without screaming. He has been sleeping now for 1 hr and 15 min (his longest nap in five days). Yea for small victories and feeling better. He was a real trooper. Thanks to all those who prayed for our sweet boy. We praise the Lord that it was nothing more serious and that healing is ours. Love you sweet boy.


Nancy said...

So glad Parker is better. I'll keep praying for him. He looks so sweeet in his baby hospital gown.

Rebekah said...

I haven't been that concerned since Eva decided to fly out your birth canal on my watch! :)

I'm so thankful for his little life and that he is returning to health, hour by hour.

karen said...

Love that little boy...he sure did look adorable even sick. So thankful that he is on the i had fun last night with the girls and later Mr P

Laura said...

Can't believe he and Gabe where in the ER within 24 hours of each other...Gabe had an x-ray too! Guess that's what happens when you are only 5 days apart :). We wil keep Parker in our prayers!

Christy said...

So thankful that he is feeling better! RSV is icky stuff. Kati was in the hospital for a few days in Jan with it because she was having such a hard time breathing with it. Turns out she had pneumonia, too. So glad he is on the mend!

Anonymous said...

such a precious, precious boy. You guys are great parents. Glad he is getting better. The power of prayer is AMAZING!!!

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