Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parker Turns 1

Before we begin the birthday post, here are shots of the birthday boys beautiful sisters...

It was a gorgeous day for a backyard barbecue, cake, ice cream, swimming, laughing, and playing. It was filled with family and friends.

An awesome cloth "Happy Birthday Parker" banner made by Auntie B. It stretched around the kitchen the week before his birthday and along the deck on the day of the party.
A cake waiting for our sweet boy and owl cupcakes to be eaten by the guests.

Opening presents with daddy was first on the agenda

The wardrobe for the day

and a crown fit for a prince

Best Buds waiting for the festivities to begin

WARNING: Cake Demolition in progress

We ended the afternoon with some pool time...

Check out the nose scrunch on these boys...soooo cute.

A letter to our sweet boy coming soon, but for now I leave you with one final picture...


Rebekah said...

Great day! Love him :)

karen said...

love the scrunch nose

Melba said...

Oh wow...time flies! Happy birthday to your little man, great pictures!


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