Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Milestones

We have seen big changes in Parker this last month. He turned a year and decided to show off some big boy skills. He has decided (on two occasions now) that feeding himself with a spoon is much better than waiting for me to feed him. So yesterday, I let him and shot this little video of it. We haven't done that much practicing, but about a week ago, he literally refused to let me feed him his dinner, and then did it again today. I am all for independence, but the independence vs. messy factor is a hard battle for me right now :)

4th of July weekend he took 5-8 steps several times. We haven't seen much walking since. until yesterday. After his afternoon nap, he decided walking is for him, and every time I turned around he was walking towards me instead of crawling. After capturing many spills on camera, I got this little venture down the hallway (a little dark), showing off for daddy last night. He walked almost as much as he crawled yesterday. He will be on the go, go, go now. I do a double take when I see him come walking toward me. It just looks foreign still. The girls clap, cheer and shout every time he just gets up and walks to them.

He has also decided to grow teeth. His first two teeth have come through the surface in the last two weeks. He now has his two eye teeth coming in. Yes you read it right, not his bottom or top middle teeth... his eye teeth.

He had his one year check and shots a few weeks back. One more set of shots, then he his good until he his four. He weighed in at 21.6 pounds and was 30 inches long. He fell into the 25% for height and weight. He matches his sister Melia, who is also in the 25% for height and weight. Eva is in the 50% for both.


beckyjomama said...

He is getting soooo big - Sophie did the overnight walking thing too. I could hardly stand it!

Laura said...

He and Gabe are literally matching steps in terms of walking :)! Gabe debuted 4th of July weekend too, and then cooled it until he decided to give it a go for good! Too funny that they are going about it the same way! And Maddy cheers for Gabe too! And eye teeth cute! Might make him look like a baby vampire :oP

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! He's a natural! Could not view the other video, don't know why, but I am sure it is cute!

Rebekah said...

Ty's feeding himself now too and is doing a pretty good job. He also surprised me by drinking out of a straw, today!

I didn't know Parker's teeth came through, he'll be chomping on Texas Roadhouse steak in no time! :)

Nancy said...

Parker is making his move. There's no stopping him now.

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