Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This summer has been filled with all kinds of adventures, changes, and growth. I can’t believe school is just around the corner.

· Melia graduated from preschool and will be heading to Kindergarten in a few short weeks
· Parker turned 2
· Just weeks later he was potty trained!!!! No one in diapers now! (He was the youngest to be trained out of the three kids)
· Parker moved from his crib to his full size bed. He looks like such a peanut in his big bed
· Chris and I completed our first Sprint Triathlon
· Melia and Eva learned to swim with out any rings or arm floaties and Parker is swimming just with arm floaties...We spent alot of time in the water. All three of them are jumping into the pool (the girls by themselves and P with floaties) :) I am so proud of their accomplishments.
· Parker learned to ride a scooter and a tricycle this summer.
· The girls learned to pump their feet on the swings and LOVE going as high as they can
· Melia is reading simple words and phrases
· The girls can both count to one hundred by 10's

I love that I have the summer off and can spend so much time watching them learn and grow. I would not trade it for anything in the world. I am so thankful I have this time with them.

· We spent ALOT of time in the pool, at the beach, splash pad, and parks (gotta love free fun)
· Had a great 4th of July party with family and friends
· Went to 3 firework shows
We went to a few festivals and parades
We spent a week in Lake City, MI with my family and closest friends (19 people...11 adults and 8 kids (all 7 and under) in one house. We had an awesome time.
We went to the Armada fair and watched the Monster trucks
We spent a lot of time biking and running
We celebrated with my BFF who turned 30 and finished her MBA with a Pirate Murder Mystery Party!
We are ending the summer spending three days camping with our best friends and their little guy in tents (with no water or electric) over Labor day doesn't get much more fun than that :) Can't wait.

Everyday was an adventure and the kids woke up asking what are we going to do today! I start school again next week and Melia starts Kindergarten the week after that...all day, everyday in school. While I am excited to watch her continue to learn and grow, I will miss her. It will be strange to only have Eva and Parker home on my days off. While I am sad summer is coming to an end, I am excited for the new season we are embarking on. It is amazing the changes that can take place in ust a few short months. I am one blessed momma!

Paker kissed (he loves animals) a variety of animals this it is a cow at the Strawberry Festival

Arrrr Matey!

Melia walking across the bridge at her preschool graduation

A trip to the zoo

Parker's big bed

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karen said...

love love love those kids...cant believe how fast they are growing up. You are making memories for a lifetime, it is awesome to watch.

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