Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Conversation with a two year old

It was lunch time and many things were taking place. I was getting lunch ready for myself and my two beautiful daughters. Melia who is just shy of 2 1/2 and Eva who is 8 months were patiently waiting for lunch to be served. Melia's lunch consisted of a hard-boiled egg, bagel, apricot, and milk. She quickly ate all of the egg white and trying to decide if she wanted the yolk asks, "should I take bite?" I answer yes, it is yellow like the sun. (we have been working on naming colors). She responds with, "why if the sun yellow?" Because that is the way God made it, was my repsonse back. "Why did he make it yellow? a few second pause and then answers her own question with, "because He loves us so much?" Yes, because he loves us so much, I said. "Can we go to Jesus' house?, pause and then, "when I done eating we can go?", agian answering her own question and telling me how we should spend the afternoon. What a precious girl. I am so thankful to know that even at a young age she knows the love of her Creator.

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