Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Boy

Well the big day is almost here. Tomorrow at 6:00am I will be induced. It has been a whirlwind of emotions for me today...over-flowing joy, anxiety, nervous, happy...the list could go on and on. I will the girls do with a new baby, what will they do when they meet him for the first time, how will I manage three kids under three, how can I give them all individual time...all of these questions will be answered as I live out the day to day routine of life, but they have my brain going non-stop right now.

Dear Baby boy,
Our love for you has been growing since the day we found out about you. Your sisters can't wait to meet and hold you for the first time. Melia has insisted on calling you Dawson for the last few weeks (although this will not be your name, she thinks it should be). She has been asking everyday this week when you are arriving. With each passing hour the anticipation of your birth is growing. You will be loved by so many family and friends. You will also share the same birthday and middle name as your Grandpa Rayner. He could could not be more excited about this. We love you sweet boy, and are looking forward to seeing your face for the first time very soon.

Love, your Mommy


Carly said...

We can't wait!! Praying for you!!!!

beckyjomama said...

SO exciited for you and I am praying that it is all easy and smooth - CANNOT WAIT to see that sweet face!

Laura said...

Yea!!! At least Dawson is better than Ziggy if it sticks ;). You will be in our prayers tomorrow, Meeg. I think you'll find the induction to be a little more peaceful than last time around! Call me if you need anything from afar!

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