Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gearing Up

Gearing up to head back to work. Can't believe it's that time already. I have been to school twice in the last week to try and get organized. I am teaching a new program this year, which brings about MANY changes. For the past 8 years I have taught 3-5 year old special needs students. For a three year period in there, I taught 3-5 year olds and birth - three special needs children. This year I am back to teaching the 0-3 population. This means switching schools, principles, staff, and a whole new group of parents and kids. The classroom is being moved within the building, which means unpacking and setting up the classroom also. When I first heard that I would be teaching in this program, I was not super excited about it, but after having the summer to think about it, I am coming around. I have spent the last few days going through files and organizing all the paper work, and next week will have to spend time in the classroom getting things set up. Before I know it, Sept. 1st will be here and I will be officially back to work. Teri and my mother-in-law will be taking care of the kids again this year, which I am very thankful for. Summer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner. My baby boy is almost 11 weeks old. Where does time go? I have enjoyed spending so much time with the kids this summer and will miss them when I am at work. Thankfully, I am able to work part-time again (the reason for the switch in programs). My heart is at home, but duty calls. The anticipation of heading back is always worse. Once I get there and fall into the new routine, I do not dread it as much. For now, I will enjoy the next week and a half I have to be home full time.


Laura said...

I agree, the anticipation is worse than the actual going back. I remember you told me when I was going back to work that, once you are there, you are so busy you don't think about it too much. It was true for me! I'm sure you'll have a great year.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I think every place and stage in our life deserves our full attention and respect and enjoyment. If we look at life that way as we go through it, I think at the end we will say, "What a great life I had!"

I hope you enjoy being back at work.

Teri~Facedown said...

I love ya Meeg and am so sorry you are feeling the sting from going back to work. I'll love on your kids while they are with me-they are precious! (They'll miss you too!)

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