Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little bit of everything...

Where did August go??? Summer is over and fall is here. We had a great August. We had some great outings, a lot of bike riding, some work, a lot of laughing, not napping (M has decided she does not need a nap anymore), a little swimming, watching Ty one day a week, a night out to see the Wiggles, an afternoon at a fair, and a whole lot of fun.

Dancing at the Wiggles

P turned three months old this past weekend. He is growing so fast. He is now 15 pounds and almost 25 inches. He had his first set of shots. He was a little fussy in the afternoon, but after one dose of Motrin and he was a happy guy.

He is just starting to laugh, loves being on the floor, baby acne is gone, taking three naps a day, and eating five times (every four hours). He is picking his head and shoulders up off the floor during tummy time, his cheeks have filled out, his eyes have gotten even more blue, he is quickly growing out of 0-3 month clothes, and is awake for 2 - 21/2 hours at a time now. Just today, we got the excersaucer out and he loved it...staring and smiling at all the toys.

The adventures of Melia, Eva, Ty, and Parker

The girls LOVE feeding Ty

A few weeks back we went to the Armada Fair. The girls LOVED it. They got to pet animals, sit on tractors, and ride carnival rides.

How big does a tractor have to be for a 3 1/2 and 2 year old to fit in the tire? HUGE


beckyjomama said...

Those boys are just too cute together! And I LOVE mr. P's hat!!!

Sharon said...

Cute, cute pictures! My daughter is 4 1/2 and she used to like the Wiggles, stopped for a long time, now likes them again.

Looks like fun at the fair. I grew up in Sterling Hgts. but never made it out to the Armada Fair.

Hope your new school year goes well.

Teri~Facedown said...

I adore the picture of the girls inside the tractor wheel! SO CUTE! :)

karen said...

love the new pics...

Laura said...

SO precious...I ecspecially love the pictures of the girls holding Ty! Miss you guys...hope Melia loved pre-school yesterday :)

Cheryl said...

We have taken Cristan and her brother to the Armada Fair since they were your kids age. Cristan and her dad took the grand-kids. It's a great little experience for them. I remember taking a shot like that tractor tire when we visit the Big foot truck in St. Louis Mo. one year. Enjoy your Blog.
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