Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peach of a Ride

The name of the ride we did today...Peach of a Ride. Chris and I along with the Pinchbacks, Corey, Spina, and the Riley's rode 26 miles today.

Where: dirt roads in Memphis, MI.
Why: for fun and training
Time: 2 1/2ish hours
For what: yummy peach cobbler at the end of the race

Pinchback and Rayner clan road together the whole way. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I am very tired and my legs are sore, but I am feeling more and more confident that we will be able to accomplish the Iceman Slush Cup Race in November, in a respectable time. Truthfully, training has been a lot of fun. Who knew biking could be so fun? I love that it is something that Chris and I can do together, it's free, and it's great exercise. Riding with Chris or Rebekah, around town or at Stoney, it always proves to be a great time and a great work-out.

The Girls


beckyjomama said...

That is so cool! You are soo inspiring!

heidimetzger said...

Great Job Meeghan, and the rest of the group. You are an inspiration.

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