Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This weekend we participated in the ICEMAN bike race, and although it was called the NICEman all weekend, because we had temps in the 60's, it was one of the most grueling things I have ever done...short of giving birth. Last year Rebekah and I watched as our men participated...this year we decided to join in on the fun. I started training in mid-July, just 6 weeks after giving birth to Parker, with the goal to just finish the race without dying. As it got closer my goal was to finish in an hour. The times for our age category last year ranged from 48min - 1hr 25 min. I DID IT!!! I finished in 1 hr 1 min. I am more comfortable on my bike today than I was just four short months ago, but flying down hills and maneuvering sand, gravel, and trees still makes me nervous at times. I did come out of it with a few battle wounds when I hit a deep pile of sand and flew over my handlebars (I was not hurt). After a minute to re-gain composure, I was up and at it again to finish the race. I wish my fall could have been captured on film. It was a sight to see, I am sure. The girl behind me, after making sure I was okay, said, "it looked pretty". I'll take her word for it.

I love biking for many reasons, but most of all it is something that Chris and I can do together.

Many of the guys in our circle of friends enjoy this sport, but Rebekah and I are the only two girls brave enough to join them. Juggling being new moms (getting little sleep), going back to work, being the best wives ever :), Rebekah taking master's classes, and me having three kids under four AND training for this race was difficult at times, but we made it work. I am so glad we could push each other to new levels.

Chris and Ben were able to see us off at the starting line,
but then had to go to prepare for their own race.
Do you see us? We have our hands raised.

A few last words of encouragement as we wait for the count down.

We kept our eye on the prize...and crossed the finish line...Thanks to all of you who watched our kids, prayed for and encouraged us, and made it possible to accomplish this goal.

We watched as our men crossed the 19 mile marker...what an incredible task. The boys race was 28 miles. I am SO proud of Chris. He trained hard, juggling work, home, and fatherhood, and shaved 20 min off his time from last year. I was beaming watching him cross the finish line. I love you Chris!!!!

The victory pose.

We celebrated with a relaxing morning on the beach with B and B, before heading
back home to our families.

We also HUNG around


karen said...

I am so proud of you both!

beckyjomama said...

So AWESOME!! You are such a rockstar for finishing that thing!

PS - I REALLY wish you had pictures of it too!

Rebekah said...

We did it!!!! :)

You're a superstar in all areas of life.

Anonymous said...

so proud of you all. I knew that nothing could stop you!!

Nicole + Sam + Kedzie said...

awesome! You should be so proud!

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