Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Only four more days!!!

Did you see the ticker at the top of my blog...only FOUR more days until the Iceman bike race. I am getting more and more nervous as the race gets closer. Training has been on the decline in the last few weeks, due to it getting dark earlier and earlier. We have had to depend on the weekends for riding. All in all, I feel pretty ready, but nerves are on edge. The weather is supposed to be great...a slight chance of rain, but high of 52. I'll take fifties and rain over 30 and snowy hands down. With only a few more days, I am planning to get a ride in today and Thursday. I have to say that I was filled with doubt when I signed up for the race back in March (6 months pregnant), knowing that it would be mid-july before I could start training after giving birth to our third baby, and being really out of shape. I have to say that all these months later, I am very proud of where I am today. I am not in perfect shape, but confident that I will do well in the race. Managing, three kids, wife responsibilties, work, and training proved difficult some days...but here I am ready to embark on this challenge. Come back this weekend for race results :)


beckyjomama said...

YOU, my sweet friend, are a ROCKSTAR!!!

nicole said...

Meeg, I am so proud of you! What an accomplishment this will be. I need to google the race to see what it's actually all about. That is totally awesome. Good luck to you and Chris!

karen said...

I am so proud of you honey! you juggle everything with such confidence. I am sure you will be awesome!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you are ready to go. Hope everything works out well for you in this race. Congrats. on your hard work training.

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