Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little bit about a lot

Adventures from this week...

We opened the pool this week. It was pretty dirty and green, but is quickly on it's way to sparkling blue, just in time for summer like weather. The girls splashed their feet in the frigid water today!!!

This week I was able to get Parker's b-day crown and shirt for his big day done. I have been looking at felt crowns on Etsy, ebay, etc. for the last couple months. I found a pattern and for about 1.50 in felt created his shirt and crown. I love the way it turned out and it was simple and fun to make. Melia is requesting one for her dress-up box now :) Here's a sneak preview.

(its a little blurry, but it was taken with my phone)

Restoring hope

This week at the park, on two occasions, Melia had a great time meeting and playing with new friends. Yesterday, a mom went up to her and introduced her daughter to Melia. I went and told the mom how thankful I was that she done that, and shared a little of the story from last week. The dad recognized me from dropping M off at school, his daughter is in the class next door to M's. They also live on the street behind our neighbors (across the street from us). A quick walk through a backyard and the girls can play together again. We had great conversation, exchanged numbers, and made a new friend. Melia could not have been more excited.


We've been out biking a few times in the last couple weeks, as we are already thinking of the big race coming in November!! Last night turned into quite the adventure. We decided to try a new tactic. We would put the kids in their jammies and go out around 7:30. They could enjoy the ride and then hopefully fall asleep on the way and we could get a nice ride in. We're two miles from home, when E and P start drifting off to sleep and then we spot this in the middle of the trail...

Chris, the cat lover, jumps off his bike to find five baby kittens, nestled in the weeds just off the trail. He pick one up, and this little, (about 5-6 week old kitten) chomps down on his finger. It is spitting, hissing, and meowing in protest. He puts it down and grabs the above kitten. After a few mins, he calms down. We call some friends of ours to help come and rescue them. In the meantime, the other four kittens have scattered. We take the kids out of the trailer (in their jammies mind you) and put the kitty in to keep it from darting away. It is now getting dark, the kids are running and crawling around the trail in their jammies, and we can't find any of the other kittens. Our friend comes and takes the kitty home and on our way back, home stop to see the kitty one last time. By this time, Melia has named it Abigail and can't believe it is not coming home with us. It is now close to 10, none of the kids are sleeping, and our 13 mile ride has taken way longer than planned...but we made a memory and rescued a kitty.


Today was M's last day of preschool. It is so hard to believe that this time next year she will be getting ready for kindergarten. Our baby girl is growing up.

So there it is...a little info about a lot of things. Off to enjoy the rest of the day outside with the kids.


Rebekah said...

Yay! for pool time, the birthday stuff is super cute, and proud of you for getting out on the bike.

Can't believe Melia's puppy eyes didn't convince her daddy that YOU needed to keep the kitty! :)

karen said...

what a lot of fun packed into the last few days. I am jealous of your pool, dad and i plan to give it a shot this weekend as its supposed to be smokin hot next week. Love Parkers birthday crown and shirt, it is adorable! also, so glad that Melia made a new friend.

Laura said...

I am going to unapologetically copy the birthday crown and possibly the shirt...SO CUTE :) I have been getting the sewing bug lately. Could you let me know who you purchased the pattern from? I know that's very bad of me to ask, but, you know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery :)

SO glad Melia made a new friend...what a blessing for all of you and what fun for summer!

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