Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 Months

In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating Parker's 1 year birthday. As I reflect on this past (almost) year, there are so many emotions and feelings stirring in my heart that I am unable to put them into words. I cannot describe the love that I have for this precious boy. He has changed me and made me a better mom.

A few short weeks ago he started crawling and he hasn't stopped moving since. He is crawling everywhere and pulling to stand on everything he can get a hand on...couch, toys, wall, stool, cupboards. He even started pulling up with one hand in the last few days. Once standing he is walking (slowly) around furniture. Will he take his first independent steps by his b-day??? We shall see.

Sleeping was a challenge for a few days, because his new found motor skills were way more fun to practice than going to sleep. I would lay him down and before I was out the door, he was standing at the end of his crib, calling for me. Needless to say, we had to lower his crib mattress. The novelty has worn off and he now stays laying down and drifts off to dreamland. Speaking of sleeping, he is napping twice a day still and sleeping 12 hours at night.

Another big milestone...Parker started drinking whole milk this month and LOVES it. He nurses morning and night and has milk in a sippy cup with lunch and dinner. He's drinking 8-10 oz. of milk a day.

Parker is finding his voice in this family. He has begun protesting when things aren't going his way. If his sisters are squeezing him a little too hard, getting in his space too much, or a toy isn't doing what he thinks it should, he yells so everyone knows it. He is saying mama and dada which just makes me weak in the knees. He is also saying "mo" for more as well as signing it.

Protesting and signing more at the same time

His new favorite past time is pulling the night light out of the wall. It is a little round light that fits perfectly in his little hands.

His growth is slowing down. He weighs 21 pounds. He can still fit into 9-12 month clothes but is wearing some 12-18 month clothes, since his summer wardrobe is this size.

Every time I look into those deep blue eyes, I see the love of our Creator. What a incredible gift He has given us. I love you sweet boy.


Rebekah said...

Great pictures! Love the new look, here. Can't believe the boys are turning one...

karen said...

Love that little guy! time flies by so quickly, savor every moment! BTW love his pics and the new header pic

Nancy said...

What a lot of fun you must all be having around the house. Have a great summer.

Anonymous said...

Just remembering when he was born, I have to ask, "Are ya missin' it yet?" He sure is a beauty and a joy to be around. I also love the new main picture.

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