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New year: Speaking Life

This moring as I was playing with the kids in their rooms, Eva put a CD in their CD player. It was John Waller. I was reminded of this post from almost two years ago (one of my favorite blog posts). These same feeligns have been on my heart in the recent weeks, so I thought I would repost it...its a great reminder for me and hopefully for you today!

Chris and I laid by a fire in the
fireplace until way too late into the night a few weeks back talking about this very thing. As we embark on this new year let us think of our words and choose them carefully...let us be a blessing, thinking of others before ourselves (even when we don't want to). Let us leave a legacy of blessing. That's what I want for my family. I want my children to see us encouraging and building others up, serving others before ourselves and giving selflessly.

(Origninal post from 6-18-08)

Speaking Life

Over the last few weeks/months, several situations have come up that have really got me thinking. My writing may seem a little disconnected to start, but I will bring it back together in the end, I promise. Two months ago Chris's grandmother went to be with the Lord. In more recent days I have read or heard of other situations involving sudden tragedy/death of people young and old. I have given much thought to how precious life is. When I think about our time on this earth in comparison to eternity, it is a short time. Thinking about how we interact with people and the words we use has been a reoccurring theme in my heart over these past few months. On father's day we were celebrating with family and out of no where, during a conversation, something very hurtful was said to my husband. He quietly slipped away from the situation and went to another part of the house. The rest of us were left there in a moment of awkward silence. The day went on, but I was left with a nagging in my heart. Another family member asked the person involved to go and make it right with Chris. The response was I guess, but I just have a way of offending people, making an excuse for his actions. The situation was resolved and forgiveness was given before we left for the day, but the hurt was still there.

Another situation occurred this week. A friend and I were at McDonald's having lunch with our kids. There were several other kids and families in the play place this day. A little boy, maybe 7 or 8 was playing alone. After observing him for sometime, I determined he was most likely Autistic. This little boy was getting agitated and hit another boy and his mom. This mom then asked who this kid belonged to and in a angry tone, speaking loudly enough for everyone to here reported what happened. The person that was with the Autistic child, who I later determined was not his mom, claimed him and made him come and sit at the table. There were two other children with this mom, and when they were told it was time to go, they whined and complained a little. The mom's response to her children was "I know, he (speaking of the Autistic boy) ALWAYS ruins everything". My heart broke for this child. Again this conversation took place, loud enough for everyone in the area to hear. Although the boy seemed unphased by what was being said about him, the words were still spoken. What impression/attitudes does this statement leave on her children about this other boy, and more importantly this child is being cursed by the words of another person. I try very hard to leave the words always and never out of my vocabulary. Even if something happens 99 out of 100 times the word always cannot be used. They are so absolute.

Over the past weeks Rebekah and I have been getting together to pray and study the book of James. A few weeks ago we studied James chapter 3.James 3: 9-12 says,With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.I read these words, ones that I had heard and read before and did not give it much thought to them at the time.

Over these last weeks they have resonated in my heart. Our words our powerful, they can curse or bring blessing. Being faced with situations involving death, recently, I began thinking about the situation with Chris differently; questioning what if?. What if the hurtful words were the last ones to be spoken? What if this was the last time we were to see this person? Many times we walk around taking life for granted, but in a moment a very different picture could lay before us. We assume we will have time to resolve offenses or make a relationship right. I know this all seems a little morbid, but it's what is in my heart. I am not one to live thinking or fearing death, but I do want to be conscious of what is coming out of my mouth. Am I speaking words of life? Even in everyday conversation, what seems harmless, can open the floodgates for the enemy. I was mowing the grass this afternoon, listening to my IPOD, when the following song came on. I listened to the words and it brought all the thoughts over the past few months together. What are you going to choose today...blessing or curse? What legacy are you leaving behind?

You can here the song here:

John Waller "The Blessing"

Let it be said of us While we walked among the living.Let it be said of us By the ones we leave behind. Let it be said of us That we lived to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That we gave to reach the dying. Let it be said of us By the fruit we leave behind. Let it be said of us That our legacy is blessing for life.

This day You set life, you set death right before us, This day Every blessing and curse is a choice now, And we will choose to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That our hearts belonged to Jesus. Let it be said of us That we spoke the words of life.Let it be said of us That our heritage is blessing for life.

This day You set life, you set death right before us, This day Every blessing and curse is a choice now, And we will choose to be a blessing for life. Blessings and Curses are choices,'Cause blessings and curses are choices. Will we build up, tear down? The moment of truth is now. For your Kingdom, for our Children For the sake of every nation For your Kingdom, for our ChildrenFor the sake of every nationWe will choose to be a blessing for life. For life.

Blessing for life.

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karen said...

Speaking without thinkging can be so hurtful even if we dont mean it to, always good to be reminded to guard our thoughts and words and to remember we are indeed Ambassadors of Christ. You are truly an inspiration as a daughter, mom, wife and beautiful young woman. Love you much

Running after the heart of the Father. Seeking His face in All things. Walking His will out in my life. These are the desires of my heart. Along the way I am a wife and mom who wants to capture memories that will last a life time.