Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning! Mine started early...6:15am. Eva decided she wanted to make an early start of the day. So I fed her, and then sat in bed with her deciding how to begin the day. With friends coming over to swim today, and the pool not being attended to for a few days, I thought, I better go check it out. So by 6:45am I was out vacuuming the pool. The sun was shining, it was a cool, but beautiful 64 degrees. Eva played in her excersaucer, and I enjoyed the quiet of the morning, taking in all the sounds and smells of a crisp summer morning. What a great way to start the day...observing God's creation, spending a few quiet moments communing with Him, and getting a chore done all at the same time. It is only 8:30am and the pool is vacuumed, laundry is started, Eva is fed, has played and has gone down for a morning nap. I am not saying I want to start all my days at 6:15am, but it was a great start to today. One morning I may even get up a few min. earlier to see the sunrise. We need to stop and take it in sometimes. We fill our lives with so many things, and do not take time to stop and take advantage of the beauty that God has laid before us. Have a great day!

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Rebekah said...

What a beautiful way to start the day! I got up at the same time, but accomplished/enjoyed it way less!

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