Friday, June 6, 2008

Sitting, Crawling, Standing

At 61/2 months old Eva began sitting up on her own. Just a short month later she discovered crawling. Now there is a new adventure around every corner. She has discovered the cat food, and loves to grab handfuls and drop it on the floor. Well, now it has been only one more month (8 1/2 mon. old) and she is pulling up and standing against anything that will hold her. She loves to stand at the toy box and grab things. At this rate in another month she will be walking. She is such a peanut, and I am not ready for her to be up and cruising around the house. I feel like once they are up and walking, the baby stage is over...independence takes over. Time just goes by, it seems like yesterday that she was being delivered in the ambulance on the way to the hospital (see earlier post for the full details - it was an adventure)

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Teri said...

Yes! She is so beautiful and I am honored that i get to hang out with her two days a week! (I have a feeling it will be MUCH busier come fall!)

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