Friday, June 6, 2008

Braving the Cold

Well, it was 92 degrees today, far from cold. What was cold was our pool that Melia desperately wanted to go in. We had friends over and their two boys wanted to swim also. So, while the pool was freezing, we braved it and got in with our kids. Even little Eva, floated around in her ring for a little while. She was not so sure at first, but once she was in she was fine. Melia had a blast swimming on her own, splashing and playing. I stayed waist deep, very careful not to get any more wet than I had too. Hopefully this heat wave we are experiencing will warm the water a few degrees.

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Laura said...

SO CUTE Meeghan! They look like they are having a ball. Your blog looks awesome! Was thinking about you when school was closed today...must have been a nice break!

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