Monday, December 22, 2008

The last few weeks

Life has been busy and blogging has taken a back seat. In the last few weeks we have...
  • made good progress in potty training
  • had a snow day!!!!
  • celebrated 9 years of marriage (more on that to come)
  • Chris, Melia and I went to the dentist - Melia did great!! This was her second time going and she even sat through a fluoride treatment.
  • I sang a solo in our Christmas program at church last night
  • Eva is getting four molars (I have to say she has been a trooper)
  • I am officially on Christmas vacation for two weeks!!!
  • Finished wrapping all our gifts
  • had a bow making party with Rebekah to finish up some hair bows for Christmas gifts
  • had a game night with friends
  • played in the snow with the girls
  • and much more but those are the highlights...
A not so fun highlight...this morning Melia woke up at 5:00am crying. She came in bed with us and tossed and turned. She was kinda out of it, but it was 5am. At one point she says to me, "Its not nice to put sand on someones head in bed." Where do they come up with this stuff?? It has been months since we played in sand. Anyway, a few min later she starts rolling around, and without a word, throws up in our bed. Poor girl. She was laying down, when it happened, so it was down her face and in her hair. She had no idea what was happening to her body. This is the first time she has ever thrown up. She looks up when she is done and says, "Mama, I spit up ALOT!" a few mins. later says, "can we go downstairs, I am hungry?" I was able to talk her out of that one, but it took much convincing. We got her all cleaned up and removed the bedding, and tried to settle back down. About 6am she decided she wanted me to go lay in her bed with her. She is just about asleep at 6:30 when she sits up and throws up all over her sheets. Stripped her bed and back to my bed we went a bucket in hand. She threw up two more time over the nest couple hours, both times in the bucket, yeah for that. Chris stayed home a little bit and took care of Eva and got her down for her morning nap before he went in to work so I could lay in bed with Melia. She wanted to take a shower, so she took a nice long hot shower, put on some snuggly clothes and is now eating dry cheerios and watching TV. We'll see how that goes. She has been a trooper. We will spend the day watching movies, doing laundry (which there is alot of) and relaxing. The bright is not Christmas day and we can get this out of the way before then.


beckyjomama said...

I have a puker today too ... at the breakfast table too!! At least she leaned over and threw up beside her chair instead of on the food. Yeah, she is a pro at this! THen she got mad at me 'cause I took her food away!

Laura said...

Poor peanut! Maddy has never thrown up either...doesn't sound like any fun. Praying for a speedy recovery before Christmas!

Rebekah said...

Yah!!! For Christmas break. I'll be right there celebrating with you after today ;).

Here's to two weeks of fun, family, friends, most likely settlers, and hopefully some sledding, hot chocolate, and cozy fires!!! :)

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