Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty training success!!!

Well it is day three of potty training...something I feel has been MONTHS in the making. Melia has been going potty on the toilet periodically for 6-8 months. We decided that 2008 would be the end of the Melia diaper Era. Potty training proved difficult while I was working, so I had to take advantage of being home for many days in a row without interruptions. It was too inconsistent for day in day in underwear while I was working. Sunday we bought pull-ups for night time only and Monday morning the no more diaper rule went into effect. She was not so sure about it when Monday morning came, she really wanted to keep her diapers. After the first few times of candy reward, she changed her mind. She has done fantastic. She has only had one accident in the first two days. We went out to do a couple returns and then to Chris's parents and at dinner had an accident.

She even woke up from nap yesterday dry. She still asks to keep her pull-up on after nap or in the morning, but them we pull out all the new underwear and remind her of the rewards and the underwear go on. I was determined to have her potty trained by 21/2 but her plans, schedules, and my lack of motivation at times kept us from that goal. She is three years old today and I can confidently say she is potty trained. There is no turning back. Yesterday we when we went out the diaper bag seemed so empty. Only having one in diapers will be nice (even for a little while).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melly-lou. We love you and are so proud of you!!! You are an amazing, smart, independent, and loving child of God. I am proud to be your mom.


beckyjomama said...

YAY!!! Isn't that such a relief!!! And Happy Birthday Sweet girl!

Laura said...

Yea Melia!!! We will have to celebrate :)

Rebekah said...

Yah!!! Time to celebrate :)

Linda! said...

Congratulations! You can download a printable certificate to celebrate this tremendous success at
Way to go!

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