Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing socks...The washer ate them!

I think anyone doing laundry has had a sock come up missing. You swear all the matched pairs went in the wash together, but when you fold the laundry there is a mystery sock that does not have a match. The dog ate it, the washer ate it, you have heard and used all the excuses. Over the last week I have had A LOT of laundry to do, since my precious little one threw up in my bed, her bed, and on herself a number of times yesterday. (She is doing great by the way) Anyway, making the laundry situation even more complicated is an error message that the washer kept giving in the middle of the cycle. It would stop full of water, and would not drain. With much restarting and coaxing I could get through a load (two hours later). Chris decides to tackle the problem tonight. He goes through the manual and checks forums on the internet. Someone posted a message about having the same error, and said to check the filter in the front of the washer. Chris does so and finds four socks (Melia and Eva's), a thing for Chris's shirt collar, and a lot of lint all clogging the drain (it is not that big). The drain is now all cleaned out and the washer is working like a champ again. So next time you say "The washer ate the socks"...think twice, that may actually be the case.

Just in case you were wondering what it looked like :)


Laura said...

Haha...and I'm sure you're glad to have those socks back...assuming they are still in good condition!

Teri~Facedown said...

Whew, I'm glad they weren't at MY house! ;) So glad Melia is feeling better.

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