Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Bed...Here I come

Chris and Melia worked to take down her crib and put her new bed up. Even Eva got in on the action. She has slept in it two nights and two naps. The transition has been pretty smooth. The first nap and night, we laid with her for a few min, left the room and it was off to sleep. Last night she got out of bed one time. We talked for a few min. about the rules and consequences and off to sleep she went. She looks so little in that full size bed. It has been fun being able to lay with her and snuggle. She has done great at naps and in the morning, waiting and calling for us to come and get her. Hopefully this transition will continue to go smoothly.

We moved her room around last night to accomodate the bed. The bedding and curtains are coming along, hoping to have it complete soon.

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Laura said...

I don't know why, but that brought tears to my eyes! Something about the transitions, I think. They are so exciting and such powerful reminders that our babies grow up so fast. She looks so cute in that big bed! You'll have to fill me in on the "rules and consequences" so I can promptly steal them when our time comes :)

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