Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was tagged by here it is.

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
1998...I was in my third year of college, first year living on campus at Eastern (I went to community college and lived at home for two years).
It was an interesting year, to say the least (a story for another day). I was dating Chris for four years by that point just waiting for the day we would say."I Do". I spent my time studying, spending time with Chris and family, and serving as a youth leader in the youth group I had attended.
2. Five things from your 'to do' list?
Short Term:
    • Finish getting my house clean, getting ready for our annual 4th of July party which usually brings about 60-70 adults and kids to the house for a day of food, swimming, fellowship.
    • Finish getting the food ready for the party
    • Finish painting our built in entertainment center. Only one more coat needed!!!
Looking ahead to later in the weekend:
    • Hopefully get time soaking up some rays in the pool with my friend Rebekah (it is July and we have yet to have a pool day) and help her get a few things done on her list like measuring the stripes for the babies room.
    • Enjoy spending a beautiful weekend with my husband and girls.
3. Favorite snacks?
Well we do not have a ton of snacks in the house (unless Chris does the shopping, then there is a supply of swiss cake rolls and nutty bars for him and Ben). But I do like oreos, chips and salsa, and a choc. shake every now ans then.
4. What would you do if you were a millionaire?
Pay off our house and our parents houses. Talk to our financial planner and invest some. Give a bunch to be a blessing and spread the love of Christ.

5. Places where you've lived? Michigan...all my life

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Rebekah said...

You're going to help with MY list??? Rock on!!! :) I hope we get some pool time this weekend too!

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