Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Zoo Trip of the Season

I say that this is the first trip of the season because today we bought a zoo pass for the year. We can now go anytime with admission and parking covered. If we use it twice, including today, then it is more than paid for. We ventured out this morning, diaper bag, lunches, stroller, and wagon packed in the van. It was overcast, and the further we went south the darker it got. It did rain off and on all morning, but the girls did not mind. They were more excited about seeing the animals than getting wet. It was so great watching their little faces light up as we made it to each exhibit. I was able to make great use of my telephoto lens today, taking pictures of each animal to make an ABC book of the zoo for the girls. We have had great family time this week with Chris being home. The girls love having Parker in the house (too much sometimes), as they smother him with hugs and kisses. Here are some picts, so you can share in the experience :)

What Parker did most of the day

A stop at the fountain to watch the water splash

Some of the favorite animal shots

Looking on in wonder of the sights

I did come out from behind the camera to feed Parker, while sitting on the ground under a shelter, while Chris fed the girls lunch, and we escaped the rain

One of the favorites of the day...the seals and polar bears...
taking a look in the underground tunnel...seals swimming overhead

Our best attempt at a family picture using the timer in the butterfly house

Two very sleepy and wet girls after a great outing at the zoo

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Rebekah said...

Love the pictures!!! Looks like it was a fun day! :)

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