Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Name that BABY!!!

Here are our three children in their first days of life...Can you guess who is who???

.It is crazy to me how much they look alike...I know people say that all babies look the same (I don't know if I agree), but there is no denying these three children are from the same family. To be honest, I do not know if someone showed me these three picts, if I would of been sure who is who (and I am their mom).

answer...Parker, Melia, Eva


Nancy said...

I'll venture a guess. Top baby is Parker, middle baby is Eva, bottom baby is Melia. But they are all adorable and do look a lot alike.
Do I win a prize?

heidimetzger said...

my guess is Parker, Melia, Eva. They all look very similar at birth, all beautiful. Are you planning to post who is who for all of us now wondering. thanks for a fun quiz.

Rebekah said...

For the record I got them all right! :)

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