Sunday, June 7, 2009

We are home and more picts...

We were able to come home Sat. night. Only having to spend one night in the hospital was wonderful. Our parents kept the girls for the weekend, so we were able to come home, visit with friends, who brought us dinner (thanks B and B), and sleep in our own beds. Parker did good for his first night home. He was up from 12-2am, but then slept till 5am, ate and went back to sleep at 6am and then slept until 9:30am. He had his first visit to Church today. We skipped the service, but went up for a luncheon to honor a friend who has graduated and is leaving for the Air Force tomorrow morning. He slept in his seat the whole time. Chris, Parker and I came home and napped this afternoon, and then our parents brought the girls back with dinner (thanks mom and dad). The girls immediately wanted to hold and snuggle Parker. They love their little brother. The house is pretty quiet now, as the girls are in their beds (not sleeping yet), and Parker is sleeping peacefully next to me as I type. now for some random order

The girls come home

Ready to leave the hospital

Waiting to be discharged

Mom and Baby

Our first family picture

Dad and his THREE kids


Kisses from Melia

Kisses from Eva

Their first time seeing Parker

Just a few min, after birth


Christy said...

What a cutie and a beautiful family! Glad you're home!

Rebekah said...

I love all the family pictures. They're so darn cute!!! I kept looking at them thinking, I can't believe they have three kids...Time sure flies.

heidimetzger said...

wonderful pictures!!! its crazy how similar our families are and with reading your blog I see we went through some of the same things. I told Chris that I would love to get together with you guys sometime. I think our kids would have fun together.
sounds like parker is doing well, hope you get some rest.

Laura said...

So precious...hope Baby C decides to join Parker soon in the outside world :)! So very, very happy for you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beutiful family.....I loved reading your blog today. It has been so much fun making new friends through the blog world. This is my fourth month to have a blog. I am amazed at all the unique and fun sites. I am posting about our recent Disney trip and have a couple more posts about our visit with the "Mouse" ....then I will have more than a few posts about a new "grandson" arriving in just a couple of weeks...

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